The main purpose of this web site is to give you a idea what we can do for you in solving your storage shed needs. We deliver fully assembled or can built on site.
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Sheds: A Fashionable and Functional Accessory for the Home...

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  west virginia shed   Mini Barn
west virginia Mini Barn Shed
  freedom market place west virginia   Workshop
Workshop west virginia Storage Shed
  freedom market place   High Barn
west virginia High Barn Shed
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You can't keep your outdoor tools outside because of the weather but you don't want them cluttering up your garage either. The solution is a storage shed that can be built off site and delivered in one piece to your location. There are a wide variety of sheds to choose from and you will be sure to find one that will 
fit with your landscape.

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    Classic Garage
Classic west virginia Garage
    Kountry Shed
view west virginia Kountry Shed
    Elite Workshop
Elite Workshop Shed in west virginia
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If you have an image of an outdoor shed as an ugly metal enclosure forget it. Quality sheds built from wood or vinyl will add to your landscape and not detract from it. Before you start considering what style you want for your property, you must first consider how you plan to use it. Is it going to be a place to store the lawnmower and yard tools? Is the shed the spot for the backyard games and athletic equipment to be kept or the pool toys? Knowing how it will be used will help you select the size you need.

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west virginia Victorian Shed
    Truss Garage
Truss west virginia Garage
    Hip Roof Model
See Hip Roof Shed west virginia
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Sheds come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Consider where it will be placed and then try 
to choose a size that fits your needs but also one that fits the space and won't look out of place. The smallest prefabricated sheds are 6x8 feet and range all the way up to 14x40. You can pick the size of the door opening you need and decide if you want windows and how many.

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    Modular Garage
west virginia Modular Garage
    Carriage Shed
more west virginia Carriage Shed
    Transom Dormer
west virginia Transom Dormer Shed
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There are a wide variety of styles of storage sheds that are sold as well. The Mini Barn is a very standard model and the least expensive. A Hi Barn model is also available which provides maximum storage space. You will want to choose a model that goes well with your house or other buildings on the property. There are Victorian and Quaker styles that may be more suitable to your needs and they can be customizable with shutters, flower boxes and a ridge vent.